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Time Series Forecasting

Developing a Toolkit in Python to Test the Effects of Changepoints and Seasonality on Time series Author: Ashwin...

The Effects of DNS Encryption on DNS Resolution and Website Load Time

Author: Brian Y Li Peer Reviewer: Sarah Tang Professional Reviewer: Nick Feamster


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NHSJS Reports

The Role of Inflammation in Treatment-Resistant Depression

Author: Riya Gupta Peer Reviewer: Riya Kumar Professional Reviewer: Divya Kumar Major Depressive...

Recovery of Copper in Effluent from Advanced Placement Chemistry Labs

Authors: James Dorn, Sophie Fuller, Allison Glazer, Patrick Hsu, Bethany Lane, Grace Martin, Anders Niemi, Danica Pietrzak, Megan Smith, Tom Talasek*

S100B’s Trophic and Toxic Effects on Neural Cells in Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease

Author: Aditi Doiphode Peer Reviewer: Fiona Pollack Professional...


Why every high school researcher interested in biology should be reading Nature

Introduction to Nature The Nature family of journals publishes cutting edge scientific research. It is one of the most...

Partnership spotlight: Grammarly

I was surprised how easy and effective the Grammarly system was.


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