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NHSJS relies on an extensive network of volunteers.

Peer Reviewer: NHSJS needs highly motivated high school or undergraduate reviewers to provide revisions for various articles undergoing the publication process. Peer reviewers are expected to have a strong background on science as well as experience with reading and/or writing scientific works.

Outreach Specialist: In order to accumulate a more scientifically-diverse and greater staff board, NHSJS needs students to scout and recruit scientists, researchers, and professors. Outreach Specialists require strong communication skills, often using email or phone to contact potential reviewers.

Professional Reviewer: Professional Reviewers are key to the final stages of the publication process, reviewing the scientific basis of an article and polishing it for publication. They can be an established scientist, researcher, or professor in any field of science.

Webmaster: We are looking for a webmaster to help update our WordPress site as well as to clean up a lot of the posts.

Typesetter: We are looking for people with experience or familiarity with Adobe InDesign, LaTeX and/or other software to help us design and typeset our bi-yearly PDF. Get the opportunity to set the design direction of a major journal.

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Srihitha Yanamandra · April 20, 2019 at 15:25

I am a rising junior and have a focused interest in STEM subjects. I am a very interested student in the field of science and technology. I have written a few articles about biomedical research and also an avid reader. I would like to utilize my spare and contribute my time to scientific journalism. I came across your website and read few articles and I would like to apply for the Peer Reviewer position.

    Admin · June 4, 2019 at 13:49

    Hi Srihitha,
    We are very glad that you would like to join the team! You can apply for a peer reviewer position by filling out the Google form on this page:
    We hope to hear from you soon!

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