Submission Types

Original Research

Original research papers are expected to present findings in research. These manuscripts will be reviewed by peer and professional reviewers. Research articles must include an abstract, an introduction, six figures or tables, sections with subheadings, and a maximum of 40 references.  Materials, procedure and objective should usually be included in supporting online material.  Any other necessary information to help support the paper’s conclusions is also required. Please submit your research here.


Short Articles

Reports  describe significant developments.  There is a maximum of 40 references and 4 figures or tables. Reports should not just summarize known information, but should inform the reader about ongoing research or new advances being made. High school students interested in conducting a literature review should contact the Editor to confirm that NHSJS is an appropriate journal for the submission.

Policy presents issues related to science that have public policy implications.

Media presents reviews of current books, multimedia, exhibitions, and films of interest to NHSJS readers.

Technical Comments These discuss papers published in the NHSJS within the previous months. You are allowed up to two figures or tables. Authors of the original paper are given an opportunity to reply.

Letters discuss material published in the NHSJS past months or address issues of general interest.  Letters can be submitted directly to the editor here.  Letters will be acknowledged and reviewed before inclusion in the journal.  Letters are subject to editing for clarity and space, and it is up to the editor to decide whether to publish the whole letter or just an excerpt.