Ethical Issues


As the school year winds to a close, the staff here at NHSJS wishes to congratulate all of you on the successful completion of yet another school year.  I’m sure its been easy for some, tiring for others, but for all of us, the year has just flown by.  So here’s your chance to share your ideas and opinions with the world.

There are a variety of ethical issues that scientists must deal with daily, ranging from the moral issues behind stem cell research to the cost-benefit analysis required to determine whether or not an endangered species should be saved.  Do you have a strong opinion on a certain issue?  Do you feel that your side must be right?  If so, be prepared to defend your position as the staff here at NHSJS plays devil’s advocate on every issue that is brought up.

If interested, submit an article using the tab above, talking about why you feel your position is correct.  We welcome all submissions!



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