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Tracking Enzymatic Hydrolysis of an Amide Bond Using Highly Simplified 4-nitroanilide Colorimetric Substrates

Authors: Allen Chen*, Ayeeshi Poosarla*, Andrew Liang Peer Reviewer: Khola Abid  Professional Reviewer: Edward Njoo Abstract Proteases, enzymes that hydrolyze peptide bonds, have tremendous implications ranging from the...



Early Detection of Crop Diseases Using CNN Classification

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Crop diseases stand as formidable adversaries to agricultural productivity and food security. Detecting these diseases at their inception...

Evaluation of Computer Vision Models on Car Crash Detection

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract This paper focuses on the Car Crash Dataset (CCD) which consists of dashcam footage capturing car crashes and...

3D Lidar-Based Object Conditions in Adverse Weather Conditions

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract In the world of autonomous driving, lidar based 3D object detection is a necessary task in order to...

How hashtags are used on Instagram following a globally known event and their relevance?

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract As social media grows in popularity daily, so does the number of users. These large number of users...


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Why every high school researcher interested in biology should be reading Nature

Introduction to Nature The Nature family of journals publishes cutting edge scientific research. It is one of the most read scientific publications in the world....


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