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Tracking Enzymatic Hydrolysis of an Amide Bond Using Highly Simplified 4-nitroanilide Colorimetric Substrates

Authors: Allen Chen*, Ayeeshi Poosarla*, Andrew Liang Peer Reviewer: Khola Abid  Professional Reviewer: Edward Njoo Abstract Proteases, enzymes that hydrolyze peptide bonds, have tremendous implications ranging from the...


Improving Medicine Package Product Quality Control using Image Recognition Machine Learning

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Using machine learning to optimize the quality control of packaging is crucial to cutting down manufacturing costs and...


A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models for Wildfire Prediction

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Amid the increasing threat of wildfires driven by extreme weather events, the imperative development of rapid and efficient...

High-Resolution Urban Heat Modeling: CNN-Based Predictions in San Francisco

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract This study explores the predictive capabilities of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) in modeling urban heat distributions, focusing on...

Injury Prediction in Sports: A Survey on Machine Learning Methods

Read the full Article as PDFDownload Introduction Sports-related injuries occur due to various risk factors with the most prevalent ones being anthropometric attributes or athlete qualities...

How can deep learning improve lidar and radar data analysis in object detection for self-driving cars?

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Autonomous driving encompasses many different technologies, including computer vision, radar, lidar, and deep learning. Each technology has its...


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Why every high school researcher interested in biology should be reading Nature

Introduction to Nature The Nature family of journals publishes cutting edge scientific research. It is one of the most read scientific publications in the world....


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Dress to Impress: The Power of Social Media in Women’s Fast Fashion

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract This research paper explores how social media marketing strategies affect the purchase behavior of women’s fast fashion in...

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