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Connection Between the Amygdala and Autism: A Review of fMRI studies

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a highly complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by its heterogeneity because it has different...


The effect of a robot’s etiquette on human perceptions

The-effect-of-a-robots-etiquette-on-human-perceptionsDownload Abstract The field of human-robot interaction has gained significant attention in recent years, and researchers have been investigating interaction behavior, like, politeness ((B. Reeves, C....

The usage of AI in detecting substance abuse-related language on social media

Read full text as a PDFDownload Abstract Social media has emerged as one of the largest hotbeds for exposure to substance abuse, and the alarming reality...

Leveraging data from leaked passwords to inform the creation of more secure, yet memorable passwords

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Protecting yourself in the online world has become crucial, as cyber-criminals continue to create a nuisance with a...

Policy Effects on E-Cigarette Behaviors Among High School Students: Agent-based Simulations

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract The prevalence of e-cigarettes has rapidly increased among adolescents, while conventional cigarette use has decreased in this age...


Advancements in solar cells with perovskites

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Perovskites are a nanoparticle semiconductor that have recently taken the photovoltaic industry by storm. Their low cost and...

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Why every high school researcher interested in biology should be reading Nature

Introduction to Nature The Nature family of journals publishes cutting edge scientific research. It is one of the most read scientific publications in the world....


The Effect of Confining Potentials on the Structure and Localization

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract Anderson localization is the phenomenon in which particles in a quantum state are unable to spread out into...

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Linguistic Expectations in South Florida

Read the full article as a PDFDownload Abstract In the culturally and linguistically diverse life of South Florida, three predominant communities – the Spanish, French, and...

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