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NHSJS always welcomes volunteers who wish to help out with the journal!

High school students or Undergraduates:

Peer reviewer:

Peer reviewers for the journal review submissions for factual accuracy, clarity, and quality. They often have significant experience in reading and understanding scientific papers - some have done research or written papers themselves. Peer reviewers understand how to communicate science effectively, and possess strong reasoning skills.

Outreach specialist

Outreach specialists serve to research and contact organizations and professors which share NHSJS's goal of promoting STEM education, in hopes of forming a mutually beneficial collaboration.


Professors, Graduate students, Undergraduates with extensive research/professional experience:

Scientist Advisory Board

The distinguished scientists of the Scientific Advisory Board are specialists in their field who review scientific papers relevant in their fields. These professionals provide expert advice to ensure that published articles have been thoroughly reviewed and verified.

We look forward to working with you!

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