Comprehensive Review of Exchange-Correlation Functional Methods

Ashwin Inala NCSSM Online North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Durham, North Carolina February 25, 2017 Abstract: Density functional theory is a computational technique of using elec- tron density, not wavefunction, to predict properties of molecular systems. Over the years, many scientists, such as Pierre Hohenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, and Walter Kohn, have contributed to the fast growth of density functional theory. To find the energy of system, scientists must approximate the exchange-correlation functional. The […]

Evolutionary History and Current Developments in Mitochondrial Biology

ABSTRACT The mitochondria are a membrane-bound organelle essential in cellular respiration. Meaningful advancements in the understanding of the structure and functionality of the mitochondrion have been completed only in the last century. However, retrospection and analysis of relevant discoveries can lead to future breakthroughs in the comprehension of the role of the “cellular powerhouse.”   INTRODUCTION Eukaryotic cells necessitate cellular energy in order to facilitate life functions. Energy in eukaryotic cells is created by the […]