Winner of the Writing Competition!

Many people submitted their work to be judged for the writing competition, and we commend everyone that submitted their work.  YeonJoo Kim's article titled, "Behind the Mechanics of Brain Injury: Buckling of Microtubules in Axons" has been selected as the feature article of the next issue of NHSJS.  Congratulations! The next competition will be announced soon, and will feature a new twist, so stay tuned.

Science Writing Competition for High School Students

Attention all high school students!  Do you have a passion for science and love to write?  Do you enjoy explaining what you know?  Then here's your chance to showcase your skills.  To enter, please submit your own, original article/research paper to this science writing competition for high school students and your work could be featured in our next issue!  The deadline is March 1st.  To submit your work, click on the tab above. Good Luck!