Study of Resonance and Density in Cymatics

Study of Resonance and Density in Cymatics     Authors: Kim Huat Yeap1, Abu Bakar Nasir1, Mung Chun Tang1, Tze Guang Tham1, Anthony Brendan1, Sim Yi Tan1 1 Westlake International School, Lot 18662, Jalan Universiti, Taman Bandar Barat, 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.   Abstract: Cymatics is extensively applied in various fields, particularly in the medication field. This paper delves deeper into the concepts of the Cymatics by analyzing the relation between its resonance and the […]

Wind Turbine Design for Optimum Energy Output

Abstract Alternatives to traditional fossil fuel sources of energy are highly sought after. One alternative is wind energy, even though wind turbine output can be difficult to predict because of variability in wind gusts. Optimal wind turbine design parameters have not been definitively established. In this work the effect of blade number and blade mass on efficiency of a wind turbine was investigated. A simple horizontal-axis turbine was fashioned using a VCR tape motor to […]

Science Photojournalism Contest

Update: While our photojournalism contest has ended, there are still ways to share your talents and get involved with the journal. Click on the tab above ("Want to get involved?") to find out more! Photography has always interested the staff here at NHSJS.  Here's your chance to impress us and the world with your photos.  Here are the guidelines for NHSJS's Photojournalism contest!  Photos must be submitted to me by April 10th.  You can submit […]

The Charge for the Future

Man’s eternal struggle to harness energy could take a step forward in the next decade through the use of tiny charged particles of matter: ions. Ions, which are composed of atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons, prove to be a promising source of energy in multiple fields of chemical engineering and material science. The secret to harnessing the power stored in ionic charges is to separate ions so electrons can flow freely, […]