A Simulation of the Transitory Light Curve of Theoretical Geometric Extraterrestrial Megastructures

Henry Manelski Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, Rumson, New Jersey Mentor: Mrs. Foster/Mr. Pennetti   Abstract One of the first and most profound questions humanity has ever collectively asked is: Are we alone? While there are many ways scientists have approached answering this question, this method involves determining the geometry of an object, and in turn whether it is naturally occurring or not, solely based on the slope of the light curve during transit. […]

Science Photojournalism Contest

Update: While our photojournalism contest has ended, there are still ways to share your talents and get involved with the journal. Click on the tab above ("Want to get involved?") to find out more! Photography has always interested the staff here at NHSJS.  Here's your chance to impress us and the world with your photos.  Here are the guidelines for NHSJS's Photojournalism contest!  Photos must be submitted to me by April 10th.  You can submit […]