Wind Turbine Design for Optimum Energy Output

Abstract Alternatives to traditional fossil fuel sources of energy are highly sought after. One alternative is wind energy, even though wind turbine output can be difficult to predict because of variability in wind gusts. Optimal wind turbine design parameters have not been definitively established. In this work the effect of blade number and blade mass on efficiency of a wind turbine was investigated. A simple horizontal-axis turbine was fashioned using a VCR tape motor to […]

Preventing All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Related Deaths and Injuries

Numbering in the tens of millions, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crashes have claimed the lives of more than 11,000 people between 1982 and 2010 and are the subject of pressing public health policy issues ((Consumer Product Safety Commission. (2011). ATV Fatality Database. Washington, DC.; Government Accountability Office. (2010). All Terrain Vehicles: How They Are Used, Crashes, and Sales of Adult-Sized Vehicles for Children’s Use. Retrieved from Unfortunately, individuals under the age of 16 are victims […]

Ethical Issues

As the school year winds to a close, the staff here at NHSJS wishes to congratulate all of you on the successful completion of yet another school year.  I'm sure its been easy for some, tiring for others, but for all of us, the year has just flown by.  So here's your chance to share your ideas and opinions with the world. There are a variety of ethical issues that scientists must deal with daily, […]

Science Photojournalism Contest

Update: While our photojournalism contest has ended, there are still ways to share your talents and get involved with the journal. Click on the tab above ("Want to get involved?") to find out more! Photography has always interested the staff here at NHSJS.  Here's your chance to impress us and the world with your photos.  Here are the guidelines for NHSJS's Photojournalism contest!  Photos must be submitted to me by April 10th.  You can submit […]

Winner of the Writing Competition!

Many people submitted their work to be judged for the writing competition, and we commend everyone that submitted their work.  YeonJoo Kim's article titled, "Behind the Mechanics of Brain Injury: Buckling of Microtubules in Axons" has been selected as the feature article of the next issue of NHSJS.  Congratulations! The next competition will be announced soon, and will feature a new twist, so stay tuned.