Report: Stem Cell Research - Science and Policy

Stem Cell Research: Science and Policy Peter A. Kessler 9th Grade, the Lovett School, Atlanta, GA   Abstract Stem cell research represents one of the most polarized biomedical controversies of our time. There are many types of stem cells, but the one with the most potential is the embryonic stem (ES) cell. Such cells are derived from human embryos, and are undifferentiated, unlike other specialized cells in the human body. ES are pluripotent, as they […]

Computational Analysis of Drug Therapy Options for Glioblastoma

Kriti Agrawal Centerville High School Abstract Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common primary brain tumor in the US and European countries and also the deadliest.  Glioblastoma cells exhibit a different gene expression profile from normal cells. There are 601 known mutations in GBM tumors. The aim of this study was to identify the most important proteins in the glioblastoma pathway that lack drug treatments. A total of 15 proteins were identified as pathway starters or […]

Dream catcher: a machine that can read your dreams

What did you dream about last night? Have you ever struggled to remember exactly what you saw in your dream? Don’t worry, let science do it for you: a team of researchers has built the first ever dream-reading machine! Dreams are common for all of us. We have all experienced vivid visual content during sleep, and often times we wake up to tell others about the imagery that we saw. As normal as dreaming is, […]

Nanotechnology and the New Age of Cancer Treatment

Many of you may be familiar with the standard chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments used for cancer treatment. However, much of the research over the past decade has pointed to the arrival of a new approach to cancer treatment—the use of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a new branch of science that engineers on the atomic and molecular level to create particles and structures with novel physical and chemical properties ((“Learn About Nanotechnology in Cancer.” (2012). National […]