West Nile Virus: From Mechanisms to Novel Research Techniques

Abstract The West Nile Virus was first introduced to the Unites States in the early 21st century. Along with the rise of this new virus, panic spread as well. However, with the development of many new serologic techniques and the even more recent real-time reverse transcription PCR technique, early and specific detection of this virus is now possible and will lead to fewer epidemics in the future.        Introduction Outbreaks of the West […]

Report: Stem Cell Research - Science and Policy

Stem Cell Research: Science and Policy Peter A. Kessler 9th Grade, the Lovett School, Atlanta, GA   Abstract Stem cell research represents one of the most polarized biomedical controversies of our time. There are many types of stem cells, but the one with the most potential is the embryonic stem (ES) cell. Such cells are derived from human embryos, and are undifferentiated, unlike other specialized cells in the human body. ES are pluripotent, as they […]

Technology Inspired by Nature: A New Method to Preserve and Protect the Earth

Technology Inspired by Nature: A New Method to Preserve and Protect the Earth by Jueun Yi Orange County School of the Arts   There it was: a used glass pane from a window, 110 pieces of solar cells, and solders. My mission this summer was to build a 43.25” by 73.75” solar panel for Mr. Danielson. The basic instruction appeared simple enough since my two main tasks for this project was to solder and to […]

Letter on “Twenty-first Century Genetics: Power and Responsibility” by Jasmine Chiu

The article “Twenty-first Century Genetics: Power and Responsibility”, written by Jingwen Zhang in 2013, discussed the uses and complications of recent genetic discoveries. She argued that scientists have to educate the general public about the drawbacks of genetic and genome research, in order to make these researches reach their full potential. Interestingly, I have also written an essay on the benefits of scientific developments like genetic testing, and argued that genetic research is helping us […]

Alcoholism: A Neurological Perspective

After an intensive course regarding alcoholism with Dana Most and Dr. Adron Harris in the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research at the University of Texas at Austin, alcoholism, its causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and FDA-approved treatments were investigated. Here is the report written under their guidance. Alcoholism is one of the foremost problems in society today. The DSM-5 manual helps doctors tell what disease you may have and better allows them to treat you […]