Shedding Light on Genomic Dark Matter: An Introduction to Long Noncoding RNA

Abstract While the central dogma of biology describes RNA’s role as a messenger to relay DNA code into protein production, not all RNA is directly involved in protein synthesis. Within the past few decades, largely due to the availability of whole-genome sequences and emerging RNA sequencing technologies, research has expanded to focus on RNA that does not code for proteins, or noncoding RNA. While scientists have known about noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs), such as ribosomal RNA […]

The SMART New Thermostat

 SMART: (Simple Manageable Adaptive Residencial Thermostat)  SECTION 1. ABSTRACT This paper presents an invention related to programmable adaptive thermostat which provides effective energy conservation on air conditioner and heater. The price of residential electricity is soaring.   Electric bills have skyrocketed in the last several years.  US Department of Energy indicated that the price of one kilowatt-hour of electricity (in nominal dollars) has increased about five times from $ 0.08/kWh in 1996 to $0.39/kWh in 2034.  Southern California Edison announced […]

Stem cells show potential for glioblastoma treatment

Changes in the Characteristics of AC133+ Stem Cells in Hypoxic U251 Glioblastoma Cell Microenvironment Abstract Angiogenesis, the formation of blood vessels, is a critical factor in brain cancer growth. Anti-angiogenic drugs block oxygen supply to the tumor by preventing blood vessel formation. Previous in vivo studies suggested a link between anti-angiogenic treatment and increased tumor growth post-remission. Our study attempts to examine the role of AC133+ stem cells in the glioblastoma microenvironment to understand tumor […]

How melting ice moves mountains, quite literally

Hurricane Sandy leaves devastation in its wake as it strikes the Eastern United States.  We’ve all heard speculations, some scientific and some not at all, that melting ice in Antarctica will eventually lead to calamities: the submergence of New York, oscillating ocean temperatures, and tragic loss of biodiversity. These conclusions are logical on the surface. When water, previously tied up inside massive glaciers, begins to return to the ocean, sea levels will indisputably rise. Or […]

Stroke: Historical Review and Innovative Treatments

ABSTRACT Ischemic strokes, caused by lack of blood flow to the brain, are a leading cause of death or disability. Rapid intervention to restore blood flow improves the likelihood of a favorable outcome.  Factors that affect the development of permanent neurologic injury include the length of time with reduced blood flow, the degree of reduced flow, and the vulnerability of the affected cells to ischemia. Current treatments may be ineffective after the initial three hours […]