Development of a novel hybrid polymer composite with coir dust and fly ash reinforcements and investigation of its dielectric nature

A PDF version of this paper is available here. Abstract: Fly ash is an industrial waste. Coir dust is a by-product of coir fiber production. A novel low cost hybrid polymer composite, using coir dust and fly ash particle reinforcements is proposed in this paper. Investigation of the dielectric behavior of this hybrid polymer composite proves its potential as a marketable product. Individual compacts of coir dust, fly ash, and a mixture of both were also prepared for comparison […]

The Correlation between GOES Flare Classification and the Impact of Solar Flaring on Geomagnetic Field Strength

Abstract: The solar wind can affect Earth’s magnetic field. The Geostationary Operational Environment Satellites (GOES) classification system classifies flares based on their X-ray flux. This study investigated a possible correlation between the GOES classifications of solar flares and changes in the strength of the Earth's magnetic field. Data were downloaded for the Bz component of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) position and speed (km/sec) on flare dates between 2006 and 2011 using Advanced Composition Explorer […]

Ondansetron: A Breakthrough in Pharmaceutical Research

Nausea and vomiting are fairly common symptoms resulting in emergency room visits and in hospitalization. Some common medical conditions that result in these symptoms include “Gastroenteritis (food poisoning), pregnancy, complication of chemotherapy in cancer patients, and major surgical procedures” ((Cortina-Borja M, et al. (2010) Prenatal Treatment for Serious Neurological Sequelae of Congenital Toxoplasmosis: An Observational Prospective Cohort Study. Plos Med. Oct 12;(7)(10) )). Ondansetron is the most effective anti-vomiting drug available today. It is available […]

The Nutty Truth

Nuts? No thanks, many regretfully say while clearly tempted. Nuts, after all, get more than half of their calories from fat and are notoriously known for being high in fat. Nuts have a greater ratio of fat calories than whole milk, ground beef, and even cheese have. Nutritionists have warned in the past that nuts are a dangerous food item; nuts not only will cause one to gain weight but they will also increase one's […]

Identifying New Inhibitors of the Human Metalloprotease Meprin A

A PDF version of this paper is available here. Thumbnail image: Structure of Concanavalin A Abstract: This research is focused on finding an effective inhibitor of human Meprin A, which may have therapeutic potential. Meprin A is known to be inhibited by ethylene diamine tetraacetate (EDTA) and actinonine ((Bylander J,  Bertenshaw G,  Matters G,  Hubbard S, and  Bond JS. Human and mouse homo-oligomeric meprin A metalloendopeptidase: substrate and inhibitor specificities. J. Biol. Chem.. 388:1163-1172 (2007).)), […]