Review Process

The National High School Journal of Science utilizes an innovative review process consisting of three steps.

1.) The submitted paper is reviewed by the Editorial Staff; the staff then decides whether or not to accept the paper for publication. This step is sometimes postponed until after the paper has been edited and revised by the author.

2.) The submission is then sent to one or two of our peer reviewers for feedback. Our peer reviewers are highly motivated high school or undergraduate students who often have extensive research experience.

3.) The paper is sent to a member of our Scientist Advisory Board. Our Scientist Advisory Board consists of dedicated researchers and professors who have volunteered their time and expertise to guide the next generation of scientists. They provide valuable feedback which benefits both the original author as well as our peer reviewers.

The submissions are then returned to the author prior to publication with comments designed to improve the submission. After a final stage of copyediting, layout formatting, and proofreading by the Editorial Staff, the submission is then published on the journal. As with other journals, careful measures are taken to preserve the integrity of the peer-review process.

We are always open to individuals or organizations who wish to aid our journal's efforts to publish high quality work. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please see here or contact the Editor directly.

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